Colas - we go further


The Colas Group is a quarrying and wharfing company operating a number of Cornish quarries working igneous hard stone. We transport a full range of valuable quarry products to the geologically soft areas of the country; in particular, to the strongly developing areas of the South East and along the south coast. Of these products, single sized aggregates are used in coastal stone coating plants. 

West of England Quarry

From the West of England Quarry, a full range of dark green diorite quarry products is shipped to third party wharves for use in the construction industry. These products include: 0/4mm, 2/6.3mm, 4/10mm, 6.3/14mm, 10/20mm, 20/31.5mm and 20/40 mm graded aggregate; Clause 803 Type 1, gabion stone, and rock armour. Rock armour up to 10 tonnes in weight can be directly transported to target beaches by barge and tug. Having an Apparent Particle Density of 2.91Mg/m3, our material is ideal for this purpose.  The flexible quarry operation at West of England can prepare material to customers' own specifications if required.

Carnsew Quarry

Our other quarry, Carnsew, is Cornwall's largest inland quarry. Based on the edge of the Carnmenellis Granite intrusion, a silver grey granite is produced in a full range of sizes including: 0/4mm, 2/6.3mm, 4/10mm, 6.3/14mm, 10/20mm, 20/31.5mm, 20/40mm; Type 1, Crusher Run, scalpings of various sizes, gabion stone and rock armour. The quarry contains stone coating and ready mix plants supplying the local markets. Colas has shipped aggregates and armour stone from this quarry via the nearby Port of Falmouth and Carnsew Granite has been used in several rock armour projects along the south coast.