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Leoseal R

Leoseal R is an economical flexible waterproofer and crack sealant designed for easy hand application.

Leoseal R is a specially formulated combination of bitumen emulsion modified with an elastomer which together form a tough and long-lasting barrier against the entry of water.

Leoseal R has excellent adhesive properties and can be applied to green concrete or damp surfaces.

Where to use?

  • Waterproofing below ground concrete structures
  • Crack sealant for roads and footways


  • Work should not be carried out in wet or frosty weather
  • Surfaces must be dry or damp (no standing or running water) as well as clean and free from dust, oil and fuel spillage



Apply Leoseal R in two coats using a turks head brush. The first coat should be at a rate of 0.55lts per square metre with the second applied at right angles at a rate of 0.45lts per square metre. (If the surface is hot, very dry or absorbent it may be helpful to first prime the surface with a thin coat of Leoseal R diluted in a ratio of 1 part water to 8 parts Leoseal R).

When finished, wash brushes with Leoclean immediately followed by soapy water.

When backfilling is necessary the Leoseal R treatment should not be left longer than 3-4 weeks before this is undertaken.

Crack Sealing

Cracks up to 3mm Pour the emulsion into the crack using a spouted can.

Any surplus on the surface should be brushed or squeegeed out to a thin film and dusted over after drying with cement or very fine sand to remove the tack.

Crack Sealing

Cracks 3mm - 25mm

Prime the sides of the crack with a brush-coat of emulsion.

Fill the crack with a mortar made by mixing Leoseal R with fine damp sand in the ratio of 1 to 1. Compact the mortar into the crack, and smooth off the surface with a trowel.

After drying, apply a brush-coat of the emulsion, and blind this, after drying, with cement or sand

N.B: Leoseal R sets by the evaporation of water from the product. Application should only be carried out in good drying conditions. A rain resistant set will be delayed if the weather is cold, damp or humid.


Protect from frost.


Leoseal R is supplied in 200kg drums or 15kg resealable plastic buckets.



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