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Leocatic Spray

Leocatic Spray is a 60% Bitumen content, cold applied cationic emulsion. Leocatic Spray is particularly useful for the construction and maintenance of footways and other low stress sites.

Where to use?

An exceptionally versatile product with a variety of uses including:

  • Surface dressing
  • Stabilising footpaths
  • Patching
  • Bond coats

Surface Dressing

Leocatic Spray is ideal for surface dressing lightly trafficked sites such as footways. Depending on site conditions it may be necessary to apply a double surface dressing wherein two binder and chipping applications are carried out in quick succession.


Typical rates of application when 6mm chippings are used (as guide only)
For design guidelines refer to Road Note 39
Single dressing 1.6 - 2.0 l/sqm  
Double dressing 1st application 0.9 - 1.4 l/sqm
  2nd application 0.9 - 1.4 l/sqm

Stabilising Footpaths

On sites subject to low stress it may be economical to prepare, in situ, a combined binder/surface course by means of an application of Leocatic Spray into the interstices of the aggregate after the latter has been spread on the foundation and compacted. Leocatic Spray is particularly effective where the stone layer is open or wet. For full specification please contact your local Colas office.


When repairing potholes and deep depressions, the area to be treated should first be cleaned of all loose material and cut out to a regular shape with all the sides vertical or slightly undercut. The bottom and sides of the hole or depression should be thoroughly coated with emulsion. Clean aggregate should be placed in the hole to a thickness slightly greater than its depth and well rammed or rolled. The minimum amount of emulsion required to coat the stones should then be poured on (excessive amounts of emulsion may create 'fat' spots in the road). The patch should then be covered with clean 10mm or 6mm chippings and again rolled or rammed.

Bond Coat

Where coated macadams or asphalts are employed, a tack-coat of Leocatic Spray can be used (and may be specified) between layers to provide an adhesive and dust free surface.

Typical rates of application: 0.3 - 0.5 l/sqm

Base Treatment

A freshly cut or placed formation and/or freshly laid sub-base can be sealed with Leocatic Spray, to preserve moisture equilibrium and so retain volume and strength.

Typical rates of application: 0.9 - 1.4 l/sqm

Remedial Treatment

Where the shape of the surface to be healed is satisfactory but a surface is slippery or in danger of imminent break-up, surface dressing with Leocatic Spray may be employed as a remedial treatment to seal and/or restore surface texture. Approximate rates of application when 6mm chippings are used: 1.1 - 1.5 l/sqm


Protect from frost. Drums should be rolled frequently to avoid separation. For further information please refer to BS434: Part 2: 2006 Section 5; Clause 5.2 storage.


Leocatic Spray complies with BS EN 13808 : 2005 for C60B3 (Formerly K1-60 to BS 434-1)


Leocatic Spray is available in 25kg containers, 200kg drums or bulk.



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