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Colade TPF Deferred Set Binder

Colade TPF Deferred Set Binder is used for the production of a high performance deferred set storage macadam which enables temporary repairs to be carried out which last and as a result minimises the number of visits needed before the permanent repair is installed.

Colade TPF is a complete binder system which eliminates the performance variations frequently associated with the separate addition of flux to macadam mixes. It is designed for use through existing binder storage and metering equipment without plant modification.

Colade TPF macadams can be stockpiled for later despatch, therefore improving productivity as manufacture can be carried out during periods when the mixing plant would otherwise be idle. Customer collections of deferred set macadams can be supplied from the stockpile, releasing extra production capacity during periods of peak demand for other mixes. Alternatively, bulk deliveries can be made to customers' stockpiles for use in small quantities when needed.

Why use Colade TPF Deferred Set Binder?

  • Designed specifically for deferred set and depot stock coated macadam
  • All in one binder, no fluxing needed
  • Special formulation gives excellent adhesion and set
  • Low storage temperature
  • Produces consistent macadam mixes with exceptional stockpile life
  • Ideal for close graded surface course and other dense macadams
  • Uses existing plant without modification
  • Enables extra plant utilisation
  • Fewer mix changes during peak production times
  • Saves haulage cost by loading from stockpile


Store binder at between 50°C and 80°C. Protect from frost. Do not heat above 95°C and do not mix with other binders that are at or above 95°C.




Viscosity Adjusted between 15-50 seconds according to season
Flash point >105°C (PMCC BS2000: Part 34)
Storage/pumping temperature 50-80°C
Recommended aggregate mixing temp 65°C optimum, 75°C maximum
Solubility in CH2CI2 100%wt.
Density at 15°C 0.98g/ml
Density at 75°C 0.95g/ml


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